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There are more vehicles on the road than ever before and driving for work is considered to be a high risk occupation. We can help to minimise that risk through a structured introduction and application of a company driving policy.  This can help you meet your health and safety objectives and save you money.

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Driving for work is considered a high risk occupation and as such, any business who employs a driver must ensure that they have carried out a proper risk assessment on their drivers. The corporate manslaughter and corporate homicide act 2007 outlines these requirements.

Each week approximately 20 drivers are killed whilst driving for work and over 200 injured. The responsibility now lies firmly with directors of businesses (regardless of size) to ensure that their staff at least meet the minimum standard of driving. The easiest way of doing this is to carry out Occupational Road Risk Assessments on each driver within the company. This can take as little as an hour for each driver which has minimum impact on the working day. Why not contact us for an informal discussion on how we can help your business and for a personalised quotation?

Occupational Road Risk Assessments with your drivers.

Everyone believes that they are a great driver. In our expereince, many drivers we have seen we would consider to be above average. Our aim is not just to support your business drivers but we hope that through their own expereince thay can pass on new knowledge to family and frineds and make the roads safe for all.  We look forward  to speaking with you.


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